Knox Audiology and Hearing Care

What Patients Have to Say About Us

I have been going to Dr. Knox for 5 years, and the service has been outstanding.  I recommend her 100%." Robert S.
Windsor, VA 23487

One of the best decisions we ever made was to see Dr. Knox." Ken & Vida   Suffolk, VA 23437

I was impressed by the genuine interest and compassion she demonstrated as she determined my needs. I highly recommend Dr. Carrie Knox to anyone who is struggling with a hearing loss problem. May God bless Dr .Carrie Knox." James H.
Franklin, VA 23851

I’ve had hearing problems forever because of operating machinery, and I have gone to other “chain” places. The hearing tests there were never nearly as extensive as Dr. Knox’s, and the prices at Knox Audiology & Hearing Care were more reasonable than anything I’ve been quoted elsewhere.

A friend of mine recommended Dr. Knox and said that she was the best around at adjusting hearing aids. I’ve heard things I haven’t heard in years with my new hearing aids, and I can carry on conversations better now. I don’t have to sit at the front of meetings or church anymore, and I now find I can catch the punchlines of jokes that I used to always miss. I have had a great experience and recommend Knox Audiology & Hearing Care." Collin V.
Conway, NC 27820

For the sake of good hearing, see Dr. Knox.  Excellent customer service and better than anywhere else I’ve been.”  Charles P.
Smithfield, VA 23430

I have been coming to Carrie Knox for 6 years. I am a very precise patient, and I demand that my hearing aids perform at the optimum possible level. She has the patience of Job, which she has had to have with me. Because of her knowledge and expertise, Dr. Knox has met all of my high expectations, and her pleasant disposition makes office visits a pleasure." Sandra F.
Courtland, VA 23837


I have been a patient for some time and the service I receive is outstanding. I have always been treated with respect. There have been times that I have needed help with my hearing aids and I just drop by the office without an appointment. I have always felt comfortable with Dr. Knox and I feel she is the best. If you are in need of help with your hearing this is the place to go." Cindy B.
Suffolk, VA 23434

I didn’t realize I had even lost my hearing- I thought it was normal. Thanks to Dr. Knox my hearing is at least twice as good now. I can hear everything at work clearly and am turning the tv down. I’m amazed the ringing in my ears has even gone away when I’m wearing my aids. I have been very happy with my experience and would highly recommend Knox Audiology." James H.
Chesapeake, VA 23321

I have been working with Carrie Knox for several years, and have always thought a lot of her. If I didn’t have her, I wouldn’t be able to hear or understand others. I have done well with my hearing aids, and I highly recommend Dr. Knox." Verla B.
Suffolk, VA 23434

I am grateful for Dr. Knox’s professional services and kind support and most of all for her help with my hearing loss. Over the past several years she has always been willing to help with any repairs or adjustments for my older hearing aids purchased elsewhere. She was always confident that she could help me enjoy a new life of listening when I was ready for new aids. SHE DID JUST THAT!

I have been happy from the first day the new aids arrived. The perfect comfort fit, there was no whistling, buzzing, good in different noise environments. They have many more advanced features! I must say that the new Starkey hearing aids were the right choice for me.  I hope that Dr. Knox can continue to help people in her treatment of hearing loss. My hearing and understanding has been enjoyable again." Donald B.
Pendleton, NC 27862

I have been working with Dr. Knox for my severe hearing loss. Without my hearing aids combined with their streamer device I use for the tv and telephone, I would be absolutely lost for hearing anything on the telephone. It has also made it so I can hear the television fairly well now. It is highly recommended." Tommy F.
Courtland, VA 23837