Knox Audiology and Hearing Care

Why an Audiologist

With many options for hearing care and a barrage of hearing aid advertisements, it can be confusing to decide who to trust with your hearing.

Before you invest in a hearing care provider, it is first important to understand the difference between an Audiologist and a Hearing Aid Dispenser/Specialist:


An Audiologist is a professional with either a Doctor of Audiology degree (Au.D.) or a Master's degree in audiology. The doctorate requires four years of undergraduate work followed by four additional years of specialized academic work. In order to practice in Virginia, audiologists must obtain national certification and a state licensure in audiology. Their extensive credentials allow audiologists to provide comprehensive hearing services, from diagnosis and consultation to hearing aid fitting, adjustments, tinnitus management, and continuing rehabilitation. Audiologists are also trained in extensive electrophysiologic testing for diagnosis of inner ear, auditory brainstem, and vestibular/balance problems.

Hearing Aid Dispenser/Specialist

A hearing aid specialist is a salesperson that has a state license to provide a basic hearing test and sell hearing aids. In Virginia, a hearing aid specialist is required to have a high school diploma/GED, complete a brief apprenticeship with a licensed hearing aid specialist, and pass a state hearing aid exam. They are not medically trained in diseases of the ear or rehabilitative services.

Why Knox Audiology & Hearing Care?

Services at Knox Audiology are provided by our Doctor of Audiology, who is highly trained to ensure that your hearing loss is properly diagnosed and all treatments are medically appropriate.  Rather than a retail sales office staffed by salespersons and technicians, we are a professional hearing healthcare practice independently-owned and operated by our audiologist. We provide personal attention for all of our patients, offering not only the latest in hearing health technology, but customizing all treatments to the individual throughout the hearing improvement process. Hearing is healthcare— and proper hearing treatment requires a long-term relationship with a hearing care provider. Knox Audiology & Hearing Care specializes in a hearing-care relationship that you can trust for years to come.