Knox Audiology and Hearing Care

Hearing Aid Adjustments & Maintenance

Improved hearing and communication ability requires comprehensive follow-up care for your hearing instruments. Beginning in your initial hearing aid trial, you may need to return for one or more follow up visits to continue customization of your hearing aids to your individual needs. Be sure to return to the audiologist promptly with any concerns or questions- almost all concerns can be remedied with proper follow-up discussion.

Throughout the life of your hearing aids, your devices can continue to be adjusted to suit your needs by the audiologist. As you adjust to your new hearing, you may be interested in further adjustments or new programs to try. Regular checkups are recommended at least once a year, when your hearing should be rechecked in order to determine if the hearing aids need to be updated to your current hearing ability. More frequent cleaning and check appointments may be recommended for some patients.  Follow-up visits are at no charge for a period of time following purchase of the hearing aids. The free service period ranges from 1 month to 3 years, depending on the level of technology purchased; minimum office visit charges apply after that period. 

Hearing aids also occasionally need service or repair.  See the audiologist if you have any concerns about the function of your hearing aid; often an in-office cleaning or repair can remedy the problem on the spot. All devices come with a warranty that covers standard repair services for a period of 1-3 years, if the hearing aid needs service by the manufacturer. Following this period, most devices can still be repaired for several years. The audiologist will troubleshoot your hearing aid and take care of the service process for you, if repair is needed.